Saturday, October 13, 2007

Visit to Gesturetek

On October 12, we visited Gesturetek (Video Gesture Control Technology) as part of our Multimedia Pioneering Class. We met with Vincent John Vincent, the President and Co-Founder.

Our class met at the Gesturetek office on Adelaide; and like the company, it is beyond the norm. The atmosphere and architecture is a mixture of taking something that was old and renovating it to retain the orignal beauty giving it an air of the surreal. The same can be said for their technology. Taking older technolgy (video cameras) and mixing it with human gesture and the latest cutting edge technology to create a product that is not only for entertainment, advertising and gaming, but also for education, assisting the disabled and provide a way to exercise. Vincent John Vincent and his partner, Francis MacDougall are true pioneers in this industry and encompass everything that Interactive Multimedia is all about.

Vincent John Vincent gave us a demonstration of all the latest technology. We experienced the gaming, interactive walls, tables, and floors. One of the highlights for me was when he was giving a demonstration of how this technology has assisted in physical rehabilitation by using the gesture technology. Each person has a session programmed for them to follow along depending upon what they need to work on. I was very impressed.

Go to the GESTURETEK WEBSITE and you can see for yourself all the groundbreaking Computer Vision Technology. They are too numerous to display.

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